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The Time Has Come

Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 @ 9:17pm by

Mission: Episode 1: Requisitioned
Location: USS Excelsior
Timeline: Day 31 at 1630

Peter Gardner smiled as he read the message on the screen. He had been the Captain of the Excelsior for a number of years and this was one of the good things about the job. He had long been pushing for this and he was pleased to finally get the news he had been longing for, even if it was slightly bittersweet. "=/\=Gardner to Korrath." Peter said touching the intercom button on his desk. The Ready Room desk had been a gift from the Royal Family of the Planet Felon, for brokering a peace treaty that seemed near impossible to complete. He had ensured it had come with him from the Sovereign Excelsior to the new Odyssey Class Excelsior.

Korrath looked up from his desk, away from the information he had been reading on a small build up of ships along one of the Federations borders. "=/\= Korrath here, Sir."

"=/\= Please report to my ready room, Gardner out.=/\="

The large Klingon, pushed off from the floor with his legs, pushing the chair backwards and made his way around his desk to the door. He had to pause for a half a moment at the door to remember it wasn't left, like it was on the old Excelsior, it was right. He turned right, the walk to the turbo lift was only a momentary walk.

Before long, Korrath found himself stepping out onto the large Odyssey Class Bridge. Even a week in, it still took him a little by surprise. He made his way along, nodding at the First Officer, Commander Hernandez before stopping outside the Ready Room Door and hitting the chime.

"Enter." Korrath heard the voice of his friend and stepped, the doors unlocking and opening for him. The doors shut swiftly and quietly behind him.

"Ah, thank you, Commander, please take a seat." Peter said, gesturing for the man to sit opposite him.

Korrath took the offered seat, opposite the Captain.

"Commander, a week or so ago, I put you forward for a transfer and a promotion. The First Officer position came up on the Venture after their former Second Officer passed it up. I put your name forward, as I can hardly keep being selfish and keeping you here because you're a damn fine Officer and a friend. Captain Romaes has selected you for the position." Peter stood up and offered out his right hand to the Klingon.

Korrath stood up, somewhat shocked. He had expected to remain on the Excelsior, he hadn't given much thought to moving up the chain of command for a long while, particularly given the state of the fleet. "Thank you, Captain. " He said as he took the Captain's right hand with his own. "Thank you for having the confidence in me." And Korrath meant that last sentence. It was one thing to be selected from a pool of Officers, but another to be put forward for a promotion by your Captain, particularly for the First Officer's position.

Peter nodded and returned to his seat. "I had hoped to have you as my First Officer someday, but for the jobs the Venture and the Excelsior have been assigned, they'll need you. We're heading out to Deep Space 9, where the Venture is right now, but Starfleet want you to make a slight diversion.” He slid the PADD across the bespoke desk towards the large Klingon. Korrath picked up the PADD, reviewing the information held on it as Peter continued to talk." Starfleet want you to take temporary Command of the new USS Venture and deliver her to Deep Space 9 and Captain Romaes. The Excelsior will drop you off at McKinley Station within the hour. You're dismissed, Commander."

Korrath, who had remained standing, smiled once, a toothy Klingon smile, and turned on the spot and exited the Ready Room, moving quicker than when he had first arrived.


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