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First Officer Reporting

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2021 @ 9:46pm by Captain Romaes Anjin & Lieutenant Commander Alfie Rollins

Mission: Episode 1: Requisitioned
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Day 30 at 1535

After a brief visit to Deep Space Nine's promenade, Alfie headed aboard Venture. The Galaxy class vessel was surprisingly quiet but Alfie assumed Captain Romaes had given the crew some RnR while they were docked at the station.

He found his quarters easily after memorising the ships schematic on the transport from Vega Colony. He quickly showered and changed uniforms. He wanted to give a good impression to his new commanding officer and fellow officers.

He then headed to the bridge, he gave it a brief inspection, nothing formal just a once walk round. Everything seemed in good order so he moved towards the ready room and tapped the door chime. He waited patiently for permission to enter.

After mere moments, a voice from within the room beckoned. “ENTER!” it called.

Alfie stepped forward and allowed the doors to open before continuing into the ready room. He came to a stop a few paces away from the desk. "Lieutenant Commander Alfie Rollins, reporting for duty, Captain."

Sat behind the ready room desk, a rather frustrated looking Bajoran, who looked rather worse for wear after days of disappointments, didn’t even look up from the data PADD he was engrossed in. Not until the newcomer revealed their identity anyway.

“Ah, at last,” the frustrated man frowned, rising to his feet and offering a hand. “Welcome to Venture,” he eventually smiled.

Alfie smiled as he took the Captain's hand and gave it a firm shake. "A pleasure to meet you, sir. I'm guessing by your comment you need me to get straight to work?"

"We need to turn this ship from a floating cruise liner to a starship capable of leading a mission into the depths of unexplored territory," Captain Romaes Anjin told as he released the newcomer's hand and gestured to a seat in the ready room sofa area. "Right now, we're post-refit and missing dozens of staff members across all departments. Turns out, loyalty isn't so important when you're sat in spacedock for several months."

"It's funny how they decided to leave the nest just before a mission of exploration." Rollins said as he took the offered seat. "I read the vessel brief and understand that there is a massive crew shortage on board currently. I can make some calls, see if I can fill some of the holes, although I can't make any promises."

"I'll leave staffing to you for any position below the senior staff. If you have any candidates for any of those roles, we'll review them together before I make any decision," the Captain nodded slowly, "in the meantime, we've got a crew more used to shoreleave than starship duty. We need to get them knuckling down and preparing this ship for launch at a moments notice. Any ideas for how we can motivate them?" the Bajoran had his own opinions, naturally, but he wanted to test his new first officer and see what he could come up with at short notice.

"Simplest way would be to snap them back to duty ASAP. Cut shore leave to a bare minimum and get the routine of working back before we depart. Perhaps getting some battle drills and/or emergency drills going will also help jog the crews memory's. This is a fine vessel, it's crew also needs to be fine and high tuned to its needs." Alfie replied softly, he wanted to show he was going to be a firm XO to Captain Romaes but he also wanted to give the impression of being a fair XO.

"In truth, Commander, they have grown weary of weeks on end stuck at Deep Space Nine with no end in sight to the refit of a ship that is nearly 40 years old. Venture is a relic that has been reassigned to countless passenger transport missions in recent times. They think we're a passenger ship, a cruise liner of old," the Bajoran frowned, "and I am sat here, happy, because I don't want to be taking them on one more crew transport run," he told, openly and honestly. "Perhaps the sooner they retire the old girl and put her out to pasture, the better. Then everyone can move on to one of these new, fancy ships that we keep hearing so much about."

"Then a change of pace and mission objective will do the crew a world of good. Venture maybe old but she still has plenty of life left." Rollins replied with a smile.

"Well, we'll see how much of a mission we get when I report to Admiral Ramsey aboard Deep Space Nine early tomorrow," the Captain slowly wandered over to the replicator and looked at the XO, a silent offer of a beverage.

"No, thank you, sir." Alfie said with a shake of his head. He had always been told to never accept a drink from a Commanding Officer on their first meeting. He wasn't sure why but it always stuck with him. "Any ideas of what type of mission we're getting, sir?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, but I pray to the Prophets that it is something more than ferrying passengers," the Captain shrugged as he pressed the control on the replicator and made himself a raktajino. Upon possession of the drink, Romaes returned to the seating area and sipped on his warm beverage.

"I'm pretty sure that this new GEC initiative doesn't need people ferried from A to B. They must have something fairly substantial for us." Rollins replied, as he rubbed his chin as he thought what that could be.

"One thing I have learnt in recent times," the Captain smirked as he put his feet up on the coffee table between them, "is that you should always expect the opposite of what you believe. It may be an exploration initiative, but if you see the list of ships assigned to it other than us, they are all a hell of a lot newer and more technologically sound. We can't even get to Earth without a massive layover," he shook his head slowly in between sips of his beverage.

"Perhaps there's a plan in the offing or Starfleet simply wants a Galaxy class on this mission as a statement ship. This class was the diamond in the rough for a long time after all." Rollins replied.

"Anything is possible, Number One," the Bajoran shrugged, "all I know is it better be something worthwhile or we are going to lose a lot of good people to new, more exciting assignments."

"We'll have to make Venture even more exciting than them." Alfie replied with a sly smile.

For a short while, the two remained in conversation, the Captain of the ship discussing many an issue with his XO before they eventually parted ways and the Bajoran was left to his own devices, and to contemplate what the meeting of tomorrow would bring for the crew of the Venture.


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