Rollins Arriving

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 8:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Alfie Rollins

Mission: Episode 1: Requisitioned
Location: Deep Space Nine
Timeline: Day 1 at 0900

Alfie Rollins stepped off the transport and onto the deck of Deep Space Nine's upper pylon one. He chucked his duffle bag over his shoulder and followed the crowd of people who seemed to know where they were going.

He was like a fish being taken by a strong current downstream. It didn't bother him though, he felt quite relaxed and enjoyed going with the crowd. He'd never been to the Cardassian built station so was keen to take in the culture and architecture that the station held.

He was quite relaxed after spending the last three weeks on Vega colony with his family. Alfie knew that his new assignment would probably be back and forth from the Gamma Quadrant so he made sure he'd spend some quality time with his family.

Once he arrived on the promenade, he slowly walked along. He enjoyed the hussle and bussle of everyone going about their business. People buying, people selling, people bartering. He glanced at a Bajoran clothing boutique, he saw a couple of items that he liked for his wife but decided against purchasing.

Wandering passed the Klingon restaurant, he couldn't help but grabbed some gagh. Thankfully, the Klingon chef understood that not everyone enjoyed live food so had fried the latest batch. Alfie enjoyed fried Gagh, the crunch and taste ticked all the boxes for him.

He walked past the Ferengi's establishment, well known throughout the Federation. Quarks wasn't just a bar, it was an institution. It keep allied troops, entertained, fed and watered during the Dominion war. It's become a go to place for anyone who visited the Bajoran sector.

Alfie decided against going in, he'd probably visit before Venture left but looked in and saw punters enjoying the services. Perhaps somewhere to go for the senior officers before Venture left. He'd have to mention it to Captain Romaes when he reported in.

Well, his Gagh was finished and he'd run out of promenade to view, he decided it was time to head aboard the Venture and report in to his new post as ships First Officer.