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Mission: Episode 1: Requisitioned
Location: Just Beyond Deep Space 9
Timeline: Day 32 at 1000

Korrath's atoms began to rematerialise on the transporter pad of the Inquiry Class Venture. "Welcome aboard, Commander." The Boilan Petty Officer called from the transporter operator console. Korrath nodded as he stepped down from the pad. "Thank you, Petty Officer." He replied without losing a step. He stopped as the transporter room doors closed behind him. "Computer, show me the location of the nearest turbo lift to get to the Bridge." He called out. "Please follow the arrows, Commander." The computer replied. Moving arrow's suddenly appeared along the wall, which he followed. At the end of the route, he found the turbo lift. The doors parted as he approached. He stepped inside and turned round to face the door. "Main Bridge."

The turbo lift raced upwards and opened, revealing the bridge. The ship had been given a skeleton crew and he was pleased to see that there were crew at the stations. "Prepare for Departure." Korrath called out as he stepped out, down the step and to the Command Chair. He looked at it for a moment before taking the seat. "Clear all moorings. Request departure clearance from McKinley Station, Ensign?" Korrath called, which prompted a bustle of activity, both in front and behind him.

The Operations Officer was the first to speak up. "Oban, Sir" The female answered first. "Moorings clear, Clearance received. McKinley Station is releasing the ship, in 5, 4, 3 , 2 -" The Helm Officer spoke at this point "Engaging manoeuvring thrusters." He said as the Operations Officer said "1."

Korrath nodded. "Take us out. As soon as we are clear, lay in a course for Deep Space 9." Korrath instructed to the Helm Officer. The ship slowly pulled out of the dock and into open space. "Course ready, Commander." The Helm Officer called out. "Understood,"Korrath replied. "Engage at Warp 7."

The Helm Officer worked the console, before he felt the tell-tale sign a Federation Starship was about to jump to warp. The ship jumped to warp, with some minor judder. "Adjusting the internal dampners." called out Ensign Oban as she worked on the console. After a moment, the judder stopped. "Very good."

// Several Hours Later

Korrath allowed himself to secretly enjoy the physical and psychological feeling of being in Command. He knew that his seat was just over his right solider, next to the Tactical Officer. He had spent time in Command of the Excelsior, but only as Second Officer. Here, he was the highest ranking Officer and he was the sole person in Command, at least for the next few minutes he was. The ship was very nearly at their pre determined point for dropping out of warp. Korrath had asked them to drop out slightly before most ships normally would. This was to allow, their Captain, who was no doubt being kept informed of the Venture's position and alerted upon its arrival, to be able, if he so wished, observe the Venture as it glided in and complete a single orbit of the station.

He heard the console beep from the Flight Control station, which drew his attention forward. "We're dropping out of warp, Commander." The voice of Ensign Saf, the Bolian Flight Controller called out. "Very good, Ensign. Begin our special flight path." Korrath ordered. Ensign Saf had already programmed it in to the computer and had to simply begin the program.

The ship arched its way towards the station and as it got closer to the station, the Ensign covering the Tactical Station spoke from behind him. "Deep Space 9 has given us clearance to dock at upper docking pylon 2. They have advised us there is no traffic that will hinder our fly by, Commander." Korrath nodded over his left shoulder. "Thank you, Ensign. Ensign Saf, begin our orbit of the station."

The ship completed a slow orbit of the station, the junior helm officer ensuring to give good views of the ship to anyone that might be looking. "Very good, Ensign. Begin docking procedures." Korrath ordered from the command chair. The Helm and Operations Officer became very busy. The Operations Officer was liaising with DS9 Operations to get clearance for departure and the Helm Officer was getting a good line for docking at any pylon.

"Cleared for Upper Pylon 1." the Operations Officer called out from the front. "Upper 1 Pylon, confirmed." The Helm Officer responded and brought the ship slowly in for docking.