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Bridge   The bridge of the USS Venture is the nerve center for the ship, a hub of activity whatever the time of day and the one place where the senior staff regularly meet for duty. Utilizing design elements of the highly successful Sovereign-class bridge module, the command center of the Inquiry-class allows commanding officers to supervise all ship’s operations, ranging from vessel course control to tactical systems. Venture's bridge module features several alterations that have taken advantage of lessons learned from early Sovereign class ships and the newer Odyssey and Curiosity-class designs.
Briefing Room   The Briefing Room, observation lounge or conference lounge is a special designation referring to the briefing room on starships that includes an expansive view of space on one side of the room.
Ready Rooms   The ready rooms are personal offices reserved for the commanding officer and executive officer of a starship and is usually accessed from the bridge on deck one.
Mess Hall   Venture has a single mess facility that serves as the main recreation space for personnel from across the ship, regardless of rank or position.
Sickbay   Due to the original nature of the ships planned long term, deep space exploration, Venture was built with most of one deck housing a comprehensive medical suite.
Shuttlebay   The shuttlebay (variously called the flight deck, hangar deck, or shuttlecraft bay) is a facility on a starship where shuttlecraft are launched, received, stored, and maintained.
Engineering   Engineering’s primary purpose is to be the central point for control of all engineering systems aboard a starship, especially those related to propulsion and power generation.
Personal Quarters   Private living spaces for the crewmembers of the ship vary depending on rank and position aboard Venture.

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