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Lieutenant Aketh

Name Aketh

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 45

Physical Attributes

Height 6'5
Weight 180 LBS
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Aketh is tall like many Vulcans, with sharp and well defined features. Her face is elegant and well shaped, with full lips and almond shaped eyes. Her pupils are a bright, golden brown that match well with her dark hair and tanned complexion. She's in good shape, as expected of a Starfleet officer, and keeps herself in generally excellent health. She's notably muscular, but not overly so.

Personality Traits

Personality Overview Aketh has many traits culturally important to the Vulcans. She's logical, intelligent, and cool-headed. Unlike many other Vulcans, however, she is not particularly perturbed or confused by human intensity having grown up on Earth. Some of the more insane depths of human emotion can sometimes escape her, however.

She makes a point of it to not be overly cold or distant from the rest of her crew, as she understands that it's important to be able to engage with other species and individuals. Aside from her external presentation, she is curious and has a deep interest in exploring the galaxy. She's perhaps a bit too convinced Starfleet Training and know how will carry her through that exploration.

Aside from scientific pursuits, she has a weakness for fine alcohol, other species literature, and new foods.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Vulcan Physiology
Vulcan Telepathy
Familiar with alien cultures


Can be confused by some emotional extremes
Textbook "Curiosity Killed the Cat" case, struggles to not press large red buttons
Ambitions Aketh would like to be a Captain one day, perhaps, but mostly dreams of simply charting and exploring the stars. She wants to go new places and see things no one else has ever seen.

Hobbies & Interests Xenobiology
Literature (Human in particular)
Fine Alcohol
Klingon Mythology

Family Record

Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Surak
Mother Vaketh
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) T'ket
Other Family Various Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

Historical Data

Personal History
2354- Born on Vulcan, to Dr. Surak and Commander. Vaketh of Starfleet.

2360- Moves to Earth with parents, who work at a Research station in San Francisco (6 yo)

2368- Enrolls in a Youth science Program. First visit to Starfleet Academy. Hears Captain Jean Luc Picard give a speech at that years Graduation. (14 yo)

2370- Graduates High School. (16 yo)

2370- Enrolls in San Francisco State Academy. (16 yo)

2372- First degree. Xenobiology. (18 yo)

2374- Second Degree. Astronomy. (20 yo)

2376- Third Degree. Earth Literature. (22 yo)

Late 2376- Enlists in Starfleet Academy on recommendation from College.

2384- Graduates Starfleet Academy, Second in Class. Courses taken include: Advanced Navigation, Advanced Subspace Geometry, Anthropology, Physics
Archaeology, Creative Writing, Exobiology/Xenobiology, Xenolinguistics, Warp Theory, Command and Control. Participated in Boxing. Starfleet 2383 Mid-weight champion. (30 yo)

2384- Freshly graduated, is moved to first assignment on the USS Endeavor as a Junior Science officer.

2384-2399- Current Starfleet service. (30-45 yo)
Service Record 2384- Freshly graduated, is moved to first assignment on the USS Endeavor as a Junior Science officer.

2384-2390- Serves on board the Endeavor as a Science Officer. Is promoted up to JR. Lieutenant. During this period, suffers an injury during a boarding operation by Nausicans. Receives a commendation for aiding in the defense, after she punched out one of the Pirates.

2391-2394- Assigned to the USS Saskatoon. First encounters Jack Anderson on board. Performs admirably in Science division, carries out several exploratory missions to map undiscovered space. Is promoted to full Lieutenant after proving herself competent in various scientific and combat situations as the Saskatoon hunts pirates.

2394 to 2395 - Reassigned to DS9, spends a year studying wormhole physics and gamma quadrant lifeforms. During her service on DS0, she manages to encounter many new species. Acquires an appreciation for Klingon culture, after spending time with the stations Klingon population.

2395 to 2398- Reassigned again to the USS Ontario. Onboard the science vessel, Aketh has plenty of room to perform her specialty. Encounters Jack Anderson again, having previously served together on the Saskatoon.

2399- Having served well on the Ontario, Aketh is moved to the newly retrofitted USS Venture as Chief Science Officer.

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