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Lieutenant Jack Anderson

Name Jack Vance Anderson

Position Chief Tactical Operations Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Attributes

Height 6'1"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jack would be defined as a handsome human caucasian male standing 6'1" tall with a lean but toned athletic build one would often see and expected of most soldiers. His skin is a bit pale due to his lack of time on the surface of a planet but has a few frickles that show evidence that he has been outside a few times in his life. Dotting his body are a handful of moles and scars, mementoes of his service with Starfleet, but no war wounds. His blonde hair, while still blonde, is darkening slowly as he age, is often kept short, or if he does grow it out, the max would be for an undercut or uppercut hairstyle as he doesn't like having long hair. If Jack is to grow a beard, it will look like an unruly and wire-esque dirty blonde mess that would make him look like he's not showered if not trimmed and cared for every day in four days. Jack's most defining trait is his sea-blue eyes that seem to show his kind soul and nature, despite how he often comes off; if one looks into his eyes, they'll quickly get the picture he's just a shy introvert than a cold and quiet soldier. Finally, he walks and carries himself as a proud professional soldier, standing upright, and has an air of confidence that radiates from him despite his lack of charisma.

Personality Traits

Personality Overview Despite his good looks, Jack isn't all that charming as some might wish him to be, as he's still known for being a rather shy introvert despite his time in the military. It's a rather annoying trait in his mind, but there's little he can do about it besides forcing himself to meet others, but frequently he comes off as the silent, strong type as he is a bit afraid to voice his thoughts when it's not related to his work. His work is likely the only place one can expect him to express his thoughts and give insights on whether or when it might be needed for him to speak on. But, due to his introvert nature, he'll often eat and drink alone unintentionally, afraid to approach others, despite how nice of a guy he actually is. It's a sad weakness of his that makes it hard for him to make friends, but at the same time makes him the perfect officer as he doesn't engage with the enlisted or lower ranks others beyond work and their respective duties, even if he hates it.
Strengths & Weaknesses As mentioned above, his primary weakness is his inability to make friends due to his introverted nature but wants to break free from that part of himself. He believes it'll make him a better officer and person. Another weakness of his is how he's a rather picky eater and has been known on some occasions for upsetting a few aliens for rejecting their food after he disliked the taste, smell, or look of what was offered, although he will still force-feed himself if required. When questioned why he's like this, he'll state he likes what he likes and trusts his nose when it comes to things like food and drink - "If it smells rotten, looks rotten, it likely is rotten" is often his best response for the aforementioned question.

As for strengths, it'd have to be that he's damn good at his job. If there's one thing those around him can respect and admire about his character, it's that he's a damn fine soldier and will throw himself at any given tasks or challenge no matter the risk. He'll never give an order he disagrees with, and if he's forced to share it, he'll be the one to carry it out rather than exposing his crewmates to the horrors or risks associated with what's being asked. Jack is also well known for keeping cool under immense pressure and would give a Vulcan a run for their money at times at how he's able to avoid cracking; which is one of the reasons he did well in the Kobayashi Maru test... his most considerable success if one were to ask him.
Ambitions Jack's primary ambition was to eventually get a posting to a ship that would be assigned to explore an unexplored region of space or even a new galaxy. He's never really cared much for things like a command or even wanting to captain his own ship someday, as he views that's a job for someone who's actually able to talk to people outside of work. To some, he may come off as not being ambitious, but in his mind, it's an ambition to be able to name a new world, system, or anomaly much like it is for some to command a ship or a fleet.
Hobbies & Interests Jack has a few hobbies that help keep him sane on long postings, the biggest of which is painting and building models when he has the means to. If he doesn't have the means to paint or build a model set, he'll often focus on reading History as he finds History to be his primary love in life and will often go out of his way to study any files related to a culture's military and cultural History; in short, he's something of an anthropologist to a degree. Outside of all that, he'll also take time to relax in the Holodeck to paint or take part in a historical battle from Earth's past to witness those pivotal moments in Human History and keep his combat skills up as he'll often turn the safeties down to ensure he keeps his martial skills strong... even if Jack gets chewed out for it when he goes to the Doctor after receiving a few wounds.

Family Record

Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father William D. Anderson - History Department Head at the University of Toronto
Mother Calondra K. Anderson - Chief Nurse -- Toronto University Hospital
Brother(s) Paul E. Anderson - Starfleet Ensign, Engineering -- USS Calgary
Sister(s) Kathleen J. Anderson - Business Owner & Baker -- Owns a baker in Toronto
Other Family Uncle: John B. Anderson - Starfleet Commodore (ret.) & Instructor -- Starfleet Academy, San Francisco

Historical Data

Personal History Born in the year 2370 during the Romulan-Federation War, where the Romulan's invaded Federation space as a means of looking for the Unity Device, it'd be an understatement to say Jack was born in a turbulent time, more so with all the things happening within the Federation, such as the Starfleet conspiracy. Though it never did affect his upbringing, given how he was born on Earth in Toronto, North America. His family wasn't associated with Starfleet either. His father was a professor at the University of Toronto teaching History, and his mother was a Nurse working for the University hospital. His family wasn't the type to dwell on politics beyond your common gripe, which saw Jack being raised to be oblivious to most things outside of his little world.

His primary education was pretty standard for any other kid who had an overactive imagination, often running around wanting to play more than focus on his studies. Jack's grades would eventually suffer and drop to that of a barely passing student to the point teachers had lost all hope in the boy by the time he had turned 14 as he began to find he had no interest in anything that required him to have high grades. He wasn't a genius, he wasn't a hero, he was just another face in the crowd, and that was enough for him to consider dropping out after middle school seriously. So driven to this, he had given up even bothering to show up to classes and started running with a few known trouble makers. By 16, he had his first brush with the law, having been arrested for getting into a fight with thugs who were trying to shake down an elderly couple. While chilling in the cell of the police station's holding area, his father and mother came in, followed closely by his uncle, who was part of Starfleet.

His father and mother had half a mind to disown his son then and there, but his uncle stepped up and highlighted why he was arrested. Defending someone who couldn't protect themselves... a deed his uncle stated was not something to be upset about, but rather praise. Jack's parents relented, knowing it was pointless to try and argue against his uncle's defence of their son, and after a quick conversation with the station's authorities, Jack was let go with a warning. On their way out, his uncle stopped Jack and told his parents he'd take him back. During the trip back home, his uncle told him about what his future could hold if he would devote his energy and emotions towards his schoolwork, which earned a scoff from Jack initially until he was told how he'd get to do the one thing he wanted to do as a child, explore the stars. Secretly, Jack had always had childish dreams of exploring the Universe. Still, he'd cast such notions aside, believing he was too stupid and unambitious ever to fulfil such a dream, but his uncle thought he had the one thing Starfleet looked for in all their people... the courage to stand up for what was right no matter the cost.

That conversation resonated with Jack, so much so he had opted to take his uncle's advice and join the Reserves. It wasn't quite Starfleet, but he'd get a fast track into the organization upon graduating High School. It was the right move, as he was quickly able to clean up his act and his grades, going from a failing student to an A+ student -- with some help from family. By the time he had turned 18 and graduated High School, he was well on his way to Starfleet Academy with his uncle's recommendation; as it turned out, his uncle was a teacher there. But, unsurprisingly, just because he was family, his uncle didn't go easy on him; instead, he pushed him harder than anyone else during his time at the Academy.

For four years, Jack had learned all he could in his chosen path of Tactical Officer, having become an expert in several martial arts and weapon types - but it came at the cost of him becoming an introvert. Given how he was not so academically gifted as most of those attending the Academy, he had to work harder and devote more time to study and self-reflection. Locking himself away from others had the desired effect he had wanted, as he was able to secure high enough grades to graduate, but he wasn't able to create any real bonds of friendship beyond acquaintances. Undeterred by his lack of friends, Jack pushed on trying to do something that might get him some friends, and that was by aiming to pass the most challenging test in Starfleet, the Kobayashi Maru.

Upon taking command, Jack followed through with the scenario, hearing the distress call coming from a stranded Federation freighter. Knowing the regulations stated by Starfleet, he had no choice but to move into the rescue despite the risks. Giving helm the order to move the ship into position, they were quickly able to determine the issues plaguing the Kobayashi. Just as they were getting underway, the Klingon fleet appeared before them, none too pleased to see a Federation starship penetrating their territory. Within the first engagement, many of the other cadets were starting to panic at the prospect of failure, yet the one who remained calm in the face of loss and possible death was Jack. In a bid to prevent the destruction of his ship and the civilian ship, he had to come up with an idea quickly. He had studied Klingon history and knew of Qab jIH nagil. As the Klingon's drew closer, Jack immediately ordered the freighter people over to his ship. While the ship was loading, the lead Klingon made his appearance in a hail. Jack greeted him as an equal, despite the superior numbers, staying calm in the face of danger. When the Klingon's began to make demands of the ship and threaten to destroy it, Jack challenged the leader to Qab jIH nagil, single combat, a duel to the death. He knew his chances of victory were essentially none, but he had to make a play to save all those aboard his ship. His main plan was to take the transporter to the Klingon vessel. As he approached and closed communications after the challenge was made, he ordered his First Officer to take command and immediately head for the nearest starbase.

In contrast, he took advantage of the Klingon's adherence to honour by carrying a bomb. His officers protested, but he replied, "If anything, this should give you a clear shot to safety. Take it and run. Our people are safe, and the Klingon's desire to uphold their honour is maintained." Once it was all said and done, the simulation came to an end. The class had passed but at the cost of losing their Captain. Jack was later brought forward to answer why he made the choices he did and why he was so willing to go without regard to his own life and or safety. Jack highlighted how he knew his duty, he knew his responsibilities, and he knew what the cost required to "win an unwinnable scenario is often the one no one would expect." He was given a commendation, and the test would be altered to prevent his move to be used again. Though, many highly doubted they'd make the same call if put in the same position.

Jack emerged; he figured his fellow cadets would welcome him, but instead, he was further ostracized, with many trying to avoid contact with a man many saw as 'suicidal'. So it was, he remained friendless but graduated with honours and assigned as a security officer.
Service Record Jack's first official posting was with a ship named after an old Canadian vessel of war, the HMCS Saskatoon, now known as the USS Saskatoon, a Cheyenne class starship. The mission for the USS Saskatoon? Patrol the regions of space around Dominion and Romulan borders near Federation systems and Starbases. The task was a simple if not entirely risky one, more so given the troop movements of the Romulan Star Empire's navy. Like many of his fellow newly Academy Graduates, Jack was elated and couldn't wait to see action. Though they were often taught not to see conflict but rather try to avoid it, it was pretty common for young officers and soldiers to experience their own taste of adventure. Jack, however, did a better job of hiding his excitement though behind his usual quiet facade. Evidently, it was his calm exterior that got him his first real taste of command as well.

During his first four months aboard the USS Saskatoon, there had been an increase of raids against Federation shipping freighters that drew too close between Dominion and Federation space for whatever reason. In these months, the ship's crew had often been pitted against several small pirate fleets made up of no more than two to three ships, none of which posed a danger to the Saskatoon. But despite the ease in which the Saskatoon was able to weave itself in and out of combat, it still took the skills and talents of those serving aboard her. One such individual to stand out was Jack. Much like his time at the Academy, Jack had remained calm in the thickest of battles when on the bridge and assigned to away teams. His Captain eventually gave Jack command of his own away-team mission. He was tasked with recovering several hostages held by a pirates group based within an asteroid field. While the ship handled the exterior defences, Jack led his team in a bold rescue by breaching through the wall, creating a vacuum that cast the pirates into space while the hostages were secured safely behind thick steel doors. To ensure the hostages were safe and deal with the pirates, Jack had split his team into two, with one going to grab and beam out to safety with the hostages and the other engaging the pirates and gathering whatever intel they could scavenge from their base; Jack would lead the latter.

After a swift and efficient series of minor skirmishes in the base, Jack and his team were successful, and the hostages rescued and pirates removed from the sector. The Command staff would eventually trust Jack with future away missions, all of which weren't quite as eventful or bloody as his first real taste of command. No, if anything, they were reasonably quiet and minor in the grand scheme of things. He enjoyed pulling security, as it was the most straightforward job to do on the boat, and he had little to worry about besides the odd disagreement. After nearly two years of service with the USS Saskatoon, the ship and Jack returned to Earth Space Dock. From there -despite his commendations- the young officer would wait for his next posting.

It turns out he didn't need to wait long for his next assignment, as he was offered a place as a member of Starbase One's security. He accepted, seeing it as a potential change of pace from an otherwise intense first two years of service with the USS Saskatoon. He wouldn't be getting to explore strange new worlds or live out his dreams, but it was still a stepping stone towards the goal. So, he dedicated himself wholly to a security officer's role but didn't make much of a name for himself beyond being handy in high-stress situations. It was enough for him. That was what landed him his second posting with the USS Ontario, an Intrepid-class starship tasked with preforming science missions for the Federation for a potential new deep space exploration mission in the future. The idea sounded pretty cool, and Jack was honoured to know his name popped up for the posting aboard the ship as the Assistant Tactical Operations Officer. He took to the role with the same level of dedication and manner as his previous stations.

His posting with the Ontario wasn't exciting as his last postings, though. Even the Starbase had more to do for him than his posting aboard a science vessel, more so one tasked with looking into possible new areas for exploration. Though, to Jack, it seemed as though all the Ontario was doing was conducting scans and studying systems near the Gamma Quadrant. Why? He didn't know, and he didn't care much since he figured he'd not be part of the expedition sent to explore that part of the Galaxy. Seeing how most of his day was often assigning security teams to science expeditions to a planet or lunar surface to get better scans of the surrounding areas or something that interested the science teams aboard the ship. The only time he got a chance to do anything with them was in the matters of history, where he was able to make connections between certain cultures based on the iconography, which saw to his CO assigning him to away missions that required his skill set.

Even though the whole political situation happening within the Federation and how it was starting to fall apart at the seams with more worlds seemingly beginning to feel and question the role of the Federation was made mute by the Romulan question, Jack never seemed to bother to stick his head into the mix. He wasn't one to jump into politics, and if anything, he tried to avoid it when possible, thinking it best to avoid getting into such petty things, viewing it odd that thoughts from the 21st Century were coming into the 24th. The young Tactical Officer made it a note that no one under his command was to talk of politics around him during duty hours, viewing such things as being liable to start conflict aboard the ship. If one wanted to talk politics, they could do it on their own time and in the safety of their own homes, as it was counterproductive for those responsible for keeping the peace to be the cause of a conflict. They were police and security forces, and Jack would make damn sure the Tactical Operations side of the Federation wouldn't go back to the archaic ways of the 21st Century... there was no place for bigotry, racism, or any such thoughts within Starfleet.

Someone caught wind of his views at the newly minted Gamma Exploration Command, and he was one of those officers selected to join a planned expedition to map out and explore an area of space not yet touched by the Federation. So, once the USS Ontario docked and Jack's new orders were given, he was shipped off to Deep Space 9, where he soon found himself apart of the USS Venture's crew.


2391 - 2394 -- USS Saskatoon (Tactical Officer)
2394 - 2395 -- Earth Starbase (Tactical & Security Officer)
2395 - 2398 -- USS Ontario (Assistant Tactical Operations Officer & History Advisor)
2398 - Current -- USS Venture (Chief Tactical Operations Officer)

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