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Lieutenant Commander Alfie Rollins

Name Alfie Rollins

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Attributes

Height 5'10
Weight 75kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

Personality Traits

Family Record

Spouse Bella Rollins
Children Luis Rollins (12)
Father Felix Rollins
Mother Penny Barr
Brother(s) Oscar Rollins (Brother, 32)
Oliver Greenwood (Stepbrother, 34)
Joshua Rollins (Brother, 24)
Toby Beem (Stepbrother, 30)
Sister(s) Judith Rollins (Sister, 33)
Amiee Greenwood (Stepsister, 32)
Alicia Beem (Stepsister, 28)
Myah Beem (Stepsister, 21)
India Rollins (Sister, 16)
Other Family George Rollins (Grandfather, Deceased)
June Rollins (Grandmother, Deceased)

Elizabeth Rollins (Aunt)
Faith Rollins (Aunt)

Elizabeth Rollins nee Jones (Stepmum)
Aggie Rollins nee Greenwood (Stepmum, Deceased)
Polly Rollins nee Beem (Stepmum, deceased)

Abigail Rollins (Neice, 10)
Ryan Rollins (Nephew, 8)
Kacha Rollins (Niece, 8)
George Rollins (Nephew, 3)

Historical Data

Personal History Alfie was born to Felix Rollins and Penny Barr on Vega Colony in 2363. He was the product of two kids fooling around. His mother was very upset at the events around his birth. Felix wasn't interested in being a father and never wanted to invest any time. Felix's parents were great though, they'd let him come and stay every weekend and as he got older for full weeks during school breaks.

Penny had to grow up fast acting as both mother and father for him. She really did struggle at first but with the help of her parents and Felix's she was able to finish her education. She went on to become a teacher.

Alfie saw his father less and less until he eventually left to join Starfleet. He never understood why his father never wanted to see him, his grandparents would always make up story's as to why he wasn't about but Alfie just didn't believe them.

When Alfie was 5 his mother met John Brooks, a fellow teacher at the school she worked at. About a year later she married him and fell pregnant. Alfie grew to love John as a father but he didn't have the same connection as a father and son should.

Alfie excelled at school, he was always above average in his classes. His mother and John both hoped he'd choose a career in teaching but he found a pull to follow in his father's footsteps.
Service Record When he was 18 he enrolled at Starfleet. He invited Felix to the ceremony but expected him not to come, however was pleasantly surprised when he saw him in the crowd sitting next his mother and stepfather.

After the ceremony, Felix apologised for not being there for him and promised to make it up to him. Both went for a long walk followed by a beer as they caught up with each other.

During his time at the academy he excelled at Diplomacy, Security and Intelligence. However, during this time he met and fell in love with a local barmaid, named Bella, who lived in San Francisco. Alfie proposed 6 months after they met and were married shortly after. Unfortunately, his father wasn't able to attend the wedding due to being on a deep space assignment.

When he graduated he was assigned to the Federation embassy on Cardassia Prime. He was assigned to the Intelligence team. Both Alfie and Bella were happy on Cardassia, however, when she fell pregnant they both decided they didn't want to raise their child on Cardassia. They acquired a house back on Vega colony and Bella moved there to have and raise her child, with the support of Alfie's mother and stepfather along with extended family.

Once Luis was born, Alfie went back on the active list after taking a short break away from Starfleet to make sure his family was settled. He was assigned to the USS Bluestone as their Chief Intelligence Officer.

In 2390, he applied for a transfer back in the diplomacy sector. This time as part of a security team for diplomats who travelled. He would provide intelligence for all places the diplomats would travel. He loved this role as Alfie was able to travel and see different planets and cultures. It also allowed him a fair amount of off time between missions so he was able to head home and spend time with his family. His career progressed well through the diplomacy corps. He was promoted to a full Lieutenant.

In 2395, he was reassigned to the USS Majestic as their Intelligence/Diplomatic Officer. Again he thoroughly enjoyed his tour on the Majestic. He was decorated numerous times during his time there mainly for helping defuse situations that the Majestic had been ordered to deal with.

When the first officer position came up on the USS Venture, Majestic's Captain recommended Alfie for the position. He felt that his skills in diplomacy would serve the Federation well in the Gamma Quadrant. Rollins was surprised and honoured to be put forward for such an assignment but felt he wouldn't be accepted. To his surprise, he was and ordered to Deep Space Nine to meet his new assignment.

Service History

2381-2384: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2384-2387: Intelligence analyst - Federation Embassy, Cardassia - Ensign/Lieutenant JG
2387-2390: USS Bluestone - Chief Intelligence Officer - Lieutenant JG
2390-2395: Diplomacy Corps - Security - Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant
2395-2399: USS Majestic - Intelligence/Diplomatic Officer - Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander
2399-Present: USS Venture - First Officer - Lieutenant Commander

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