Purgatory Reimagined

Posted on Sat Sep 4th, 2021 @ 8:17pm by Captain Jennifer Jurot

Mission: Requisitioned
Location: USS Venture, Spacedock, Sol System
Timeline: Mission Day 6 at 0600

Captain’s Log, supplemental.

In the grand scheme of things, the passing of a single week wouldn’t be of much significance to anyone, however in the current climate, a week is something worth celebrating. A week without any raised alarms, a week without any Klingon sightings, another week of life well lived. Definitely things worth celebrating. As is the fact that we’ve received word that a large portion of the fleet has survived the destruction of the last year, long enough to see the ceasefire signed.

Seven days ago, a lot changed for the crew of Venture, and myself included. We’ve all heard the stories of surprise attacks on Starfleet assets, and we’ve suffered them ourselves during the last year, but this was an attack like no other. Escorting civilian ships in a time of war takes on new significance, and as the lone Starfleet escort for the seven civilian ships, we were their sole hope in the event that the Klingons came calling. And come a calling they did. Three vessels, all using their cloak and dagger strategy, struck our convoy. Three of the civilian ships were lost in seconds. We tried to defend them, of course we did, but we were no match for the brutal tactics of these warriors. We fought for our lives, and I lost many crew members, but we did so in the vain hope we could make enough of a difference, hold out long enough that help would come.

Help arrived in the form of Captain Duran of the Tico and his squadron. We survived, our convoy survived, and most importantly, the Federation survived. Just twenty four hours later, an armistice was signed and the Klingons retreated from our space. A new reality dawned as peace took hold. What were we supposed to do now, after a year of living on the edge and the threat of death lingering around every star?

Six days later, I have the answer. Purgatory.

So far, the fragile peace is holding, but now we sit in the purgatory of Spacedock. We await crew replacements, we await spare parts and we long for a part to play in this new period of peace. Until Starfleet sees my battered little Starship as a priority, we’re stuck here.