Specifications - Walker Class Starship


The Walker-class was a type of Federation starship in service during the mid-23rd century. By 2249, it was considered "old" compared to other ships in the fleet. Venture is one of just four Walker-class starships remaining in service beyond the Klingon war of the 2250s.

Design History

2195: Starfleet issues a design for a multipurpose vessel capable of deep space exploration missions and Federation defense. The Walker Class was a departure from previous Starfleet designs, but approved by Starfleet. Permission for base designs are approved. Briefs for the propulsion, computer, defensive, weapons, and science facilities and spaceframe parameters are sent out to Starfleet Design agencies for consultation. Spaceframe design is approved and full specifications are forwarded to Starfleet Fleet Yards for construction. Production begins with a projected 5 year turnover for the Prototype ship.

2196: Early in the year, computer core arrives and is fitted to the Walker. Three additional ships of the class are approved. Starfleet propulsion dynamics lab delivers a fully functional warpcore for testing. By mid August, reactors are on line and supplying primary power. Computer system operating at 53% of maximum by December.

2197: System expected to become self aware early in the year. Phasers, phase cannons, and tractor beam emitters installed. Atmospheric thrusters installed. Computer systems are uploaded and tested. Primary modules are attached and outer hull nears 29% completion.

2198: Warpcore begins primary testing. Bridge module attached to primary hull. Master chassis now completed . Two additional vessels of the class are approved. Primary hull work complete. Habitat modules are attached and bridge unit is brought to functional status.

2199: Warp Core passes Review Three and it tested to 93% peak. Computer system fully self aware and umbilicals are cut as the ship become self sufficient. Structural latching systems onboard the USS Walker are tested and approved. Impulse systems pass Review Three and being autonomous low level power control. Secondary Backup Generators are shut down and become Auxiliary system control. USS Walker leaves Dry Dock for primary testing estimate to last a year.

2200: USS Walker returns to dry dock for application of Warp stress coating and final exterior markings and paint. On 18 May, 2200 the USS Walker is officially commissioned by Starfleet during a brief Ceremony. Bridge plaque is put in pride of place and Captain Abe of Earth takes command of the Ship. USS Walker is assigned to an exploration mission in the Alpha Quadrant.


Class Walker-class
Role Light Exploration Cruiser
Duration 75 Years
Time Between Refits 1 Year
Time Between Resupply 5 years


Length 423 Meters
Width 242 Meters
Height 90 Meters
Decks 15


Officers 50
Enlisted Crew 150
Civilians 20
Emergency Capacity 500


Cruise Speed Warp 5
Maximum Speed Warp 7
Emergency Speed Warp 8 (For approximately 8 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Defensive Systems Class 3 Hull Conformal
Offensive Systems 8 Type-III Phase Cannons
12 Type-IV Phaser Banks
2 Forward Torpedo Launchers
2 Aft Torpedo Launchers
Armament 80 Photon Torpedo
25 Scientific Probes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 4 Personnel Shuttlecraft
6 Workpods