Ensign Shras th'Zarath

Name Shras th'Zarath

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Ensign

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 180
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Medium large build
Turquoise shin, white hair
Scar over left eye from impact to a diagnostic console

Personality Traits

Personality Overview Easy to get to know, and very approachable. He is not averse to introducing himself to a stranger. He is a very driven individual. However, his first care is his friends
Strengths & Weaknesses problem solving skills taught to him through the rigors of life. Ability to see the humor in a bad situation. Among others

He has been known to take an odd stupid risk now and then
Ambitions Eventually retire
Hobbies and Interests Fascinated by old earth television and literature. Light risk taker.

Family Record

Historical Profile

Pre-Starfleet History Shras is more or less a typical Starfleet Officer. He led a pretty much normal life on Andoria. He began life as a child of two Guard members attached to Starfleet until they was awarded the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to work at headquarters, Earth. Naturally he was excited to finally see a new place. As soon as he arrived he was fascinated. For two reasons. One to see another world and two to meet new cultures.

He lived there with his family, finding a second home on earth. He also accompanied his parents on trips back home to Andorian space as much as he could.

Life went on like this relatively unchanged until young Shras came of age to join Starfleet
Starfleet Service History When he signed up Shras was depressed somewhat that he could not get a posting at the academy. Undaunted, he chose enlisted training instead. After an initial bout with bad marks Shras graduated with a rating as shuttle pilot

But he never stopped studying. On his posting to USS Penn he raided the library on board, reading about engineering. His efforts eventually got noticed by his superiors. And after a couple of years it led up to being chosen for officers training. Having had his fill of being a pilot, the Andorian chose engineering

During training he was assigned to the USS Swinger just before the war broke out. There he stayed until the Swingers destruction shortly before the end of the war.