Captain Jennifer Jurot

Name Jennifer Jurot

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jennifer is a slender Betazoid female that has been described by many as having a beautiful, classy and elegant look to the way she presents herself. Stoic and quiet, her sultry voice perfectly accompanies the feminine charm that she has been known to use to her benefit on more than one occasion. She enjoys styling her hair in different ways and colours, but these days she tends to keep it shorter and smarter given her new role model status as the first of her species to join Starfleet. Athletically well built, Jennifer is physically fit and relatively strong, following a strict fitness regime. On and off duty, she is always careful to present herself in a feminine way and in pristine condition, with never a hair out of place. Her pale skin is smooth to the touch, without so much as a blemish or imperfection.

Like many of her empathic species, Jennifer has the ability to sense emotions in others. Unlike many, she is in the quarter of the populace where her abilities are quite limited and not very attuned.

Personality Traits

Personality Overview Tenacious, determined, and resolute, Jennifer has never shied away from a challenge and will often sacrifice her own well-being to achieve her goals. She is very methodical in her work and prefers time to think things through before acting but isn’t afraid to act when time is of the essence. Behind her strong exterior she is the kindest, most caring person to her friends and fiercely loyal to her colleagues, but she is not to be trifled with.

A woman that commands the utmost respect from her crew, usually thanks to stories of her service during the war and later conflicts, Captain Jurot is a woman that any officer worth their salt would want to serve alongside. Due to her outspoken nature and her ability to ruffle feathers, Jurot often finds herself at odds with the brass in the same way that legendary Captain Lorca would. She speaks her mind, offers her opinion and scolds people as she deems appropriate, refusing to suffer fools lightly.

If you ask anyone serving with her, the Captain's brash nature is a small price to pay for the skill and experience she exhibits on the bridge of her ship. Officer's have been known to request assignment to her command based on her legacy alone with service ranging from the Federation-Klingon conflict. Despite her fearsome reputation as a combat leader, Jurot is no warmonger. Her years of service and her subsequent reputation have helped her successfully navigate dozens of first contact missions whilst she has negotiated no less than five different trade pacts and diplomatic treaties.
Strengths & Weaknesses A talented tactician and well versed in matters of intelligence, politics, strategy and tactics, Jurot is always a safe pair of hands to have around in a crunch situation. Despite her flaws, of which there are many that she would identify, she has a great understanding of, and respect for, every person she has ever encountered, whether they be an ally or an enemy. Being prepared for anything that might arise is one of her strongest mantras and, as such, she is never caught with her pants around her ankles. Calm and considered, she will not act until she has the advantage and the greatest chance of success but, in the rare times where she has failed, she treats the experience as a learning curve, vowing never to make the same mistake twice.

Brash, outspoken, opinionated - just some of the words she would use to describe herself. She acknowledges she could perhaps tone down her words from time to time, but she would never do so at the detriment of her more than plentiful positive attributes. With a great understanding of many fields attained during her years in the fleet, Jurot is a well rounded officer, but where she really lacks any skill set is in the sciences. She is not the kind of officer you want to have in the middle of a science related issue, and she knows it. That being said, she is not afraid to accept her flaws or ask for assistance from her subordinates.
Ambitions As the first member of her species to join Starfleet, Jennifer has never shied away from the ambition (and expectation) that she be a role model for many to follow in her footsteps. She is by far the most senior ranked member of her species but she will not settle for anything less than a place in the Admiralty, on the deck of one of the fleets finest starships.
Hobbies and Interests Most of the Captain's spare time is spent in reading, whether it be professional research or reading for enjoyment purposes. She does love socialising with others, but likes to maintain professional boundaries - although this stance has softened somewhat following the Klingon war.

Family Record

Historical Profile

Pre-Starfleet History Jennifer wasn’t born to the aristocracy of Betazed although her family was related to the seventh house they were considered to be a lesser part of the house. She never had any friends in the seventh house and more than once as she got older she had many disagreements with some of the other children and adults in the house. For many years she was the outcast who was always looking out for her little sister. When she graduated to secondary school her family moved to Earth. By this time her empathic/telepathic powers were becoming apparent, but not to the extreme of her parents.

When they reached Earth, Jennifer never wanted to leave. She was the popular one for once in her life. On Earth there was no royalty to rule everything. She would often go out after school with her friends. Her best friend in the whole world was Lily Hanaoka. They both joined the soccer team in their last year at middle school.

In high school Jennifer started dating Alex Ligeti. Through freshmen year they dated but broke up a year later. Once they broke up Jennifer started looking toward where her life was going. She could follow her mother and be a dignitary. Or she could join Starfleet (much to her father’s keen interest). She talked to Lily about what to do and they both decided to join the academy when they got out of high school. In junior year she joined the soccer team again along with Lily. Soccer was fun but it was getting a little dull. She eventually joined the gymnastics team. Jennifer had a gift people said. She was good made it all the way to the federation finals. She placed second in the all-around competition but got first in the uneven bars.
Starfleet Service History The significance of her application to Starfleet Academy was not lost on the youngster, with the fact that she would be the first of her species weighing heavily on her mind right up until the day she moved into her campus accommodation. When they got to the academy, with Jennifer studying various piloting courses, she decided she might as well put her athletic background to good use and join security. From the moment she walked on to the campus she felt at home. She made friends fast, but some people only wanted to be near a celebrity.

When she and ten others were assigned to a 4th year cadet, she was sceptical of what they would actually get to participate in. Why would first years get key flying spots? But when she met the cadet and found out that he had already graduated from the academy she could see the wisdom in it. 4th Year Cadet John Nadal graduated at the top of his class at the academy and was at the top of his class at command college. Of the fifteen first year cadets in the wing they elected Jennifer to wing XO. At first the two of them would only see each other if it was necessary. But eventually she found out that they had a lot in common.

During her training, she developed a habit of when she saw a mistake or a bad decision she would voice her opinion. This got her in trouble with Professor Neman. They had a disagreement about how battlefield tactical procedures were placed.

The argument became so heated she nearly hit him. But she survived the class and passed with honors and an advanced rating. Even though they had their problems Neman noticed that although she was incredibly insubordinate, Jennifer was a born leader. She continued through her third and fourth year in much the same vein, making excellent progress. Then, Jennifer was put on her first command cruise as an acting ensign. She was stationed on the USS Crazy Horse. There she was in command of beta shift and often was present at staff meetings. When she got back to the Academy it was a little hard to get used to. First off being called cadet again. Also not having any regular officers reporting to her. Jennifer’s senior year was the most hectic year she had ever had. The work was harder the days were longer and being an upper classman she had to set a good example for the new cadets. Since she was on the command track it was her duty to make sure all the new cadets were put through their paces. Each 4th year cadet was assigned a group of 10-15 1st year cadets as a way to get command experience.

At first many of the newer cadets acted like hotshots when they first got to the Academy. Jennifer couldn’t conceive that she or any other seniors acted this way. Jennifer was motivated to make her crew the most professional one at the Academy. She trained them hard and made sure they kept up with their studies.

After midterms the cadets got a 2 week furlough and most left the Academy. Jennifer, Tom, Lily and her boyfriend Anthony were part of the few that stayed at the Academy. Once the break was over the Kobayashi Maru testing would commence. The positions were already decided through lottery. There would be three simulations every day for four days.

Jennifer was to take command of the USS Intrepid in the first simulation. She was immensely proud of that. When the day came she did her best in the simulation, but in the end she could not save the freighter so she ordered the ship out of the neutral zone. She was then entered into the advanced tactical-command program. Later known as Red Squad.

Graduation was magnificent. The Federation anthem, the Academy’s anthem, then all the speeches it was something else. She graduated about in the Top 3% of the class. Jennifer’s family had come but her mother refused to talk to her. But her father, sister and annoying brother didn’t just come to show up. Jennifer and Tom were not assigned to the same post. He was sent to Utopia Planitia and Jennifer was stationed at Starfleet Academy. At the Academy she was stationed as a deck officer. She also gave several lectures to the new command school cadets. But her jobs wasn’t all administration and speeches. She also had to give bad news to some of the cadets who didn’t make the cut for command school and she had help train the new tactical-command students. During the two years at the academy she also took command college.

For much of her early service, Jennifer served on a variety of postings, ranging from the aging USS Lakota, to the much newer USS Constantine. With a range of high profile postings as a pilot, the Betazoid saw a wide variety of missions before she rose through the ranks, eventually transferring to the Walker-class USS Venture where she would serve as executive officer under Captain Vasul Gor.

The ship survived the Battle of the Binary Stars, and several key engagements throughout the war. Then, on the eve of the ceasefire, a lot changed for the crew of Venture. Stories of surprise attacks on Starfleet assets were common place during the war, but this was an attack like no other. Escorting civilian ships in a time of war was never easy, and as the lone Starfleet escort for the seven civilian ships, Venture was their sole hope in the event that the Klingons came calling. And come a calling they did. Three vessels, all using their cloak and dagger strategy, struck Venture’s convoy. Three of the civilian ships were lost in seconds. Whilst the crew of Venture battled hard and tried to defend them, it became clear that the aging vessel was no match for the brutal tactics of the warrior species. Venture’s crew fought for their lives, and lost many crew members including their Captain. With Jennifer stepping up to take charge, the crew fought in the vain hope they could make enough of a difference, hold out long enough that help would come.

Help arrived in the form of Captain Duran of the Tico and his squadron. Venture survived, her convoy survived, and most importantly, the Federation survived. Just twenty-four hours later, an armistice was signed, and the Klingons retreated from Federation space. A new reality dawned as peace took hold. Granted command of the Venture on a permanent basis, the ship and crew took some leave, until their new Venture would begin.