Lieutenant Dillaa Gerro

Name Dillaa Gerro

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 34

Physical Attributes

Height 1.6m (5'10)
Weight 61kg (135 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall and athletic in nature with a traditional Orion look. Her jet black hair is usually pulled back in a ponytail. Her pheromones are kept in check by regular inoculations meant to dampen her ability to produce them down to something similar to those produced by a Human female. Missing scheduled treatments would cause her levels to return to those normally found in an Orion after only a few missed appointments. As an Orion, she is sometimes seen more for her beauty than her accomplishments as a doctor and Starfleet officer. As a person who has always had to try harder and work longer than her peers to earn respect, Dilla presents the perfect Starfleet officer in appearance and would be in the running for the recruitment ad were she not Orion.

Personality Profile

General Overview Stereotypes have always been Dillaa’s worst enemy. Most descriptions about her tend to end with the phrase, for an Orion. Because of this, Dillaa pushes herself to excel. She has learned that she has to put in more work than others and push herself forward by sheer determination. She also has a deep rooted kindness and love of the Vulcan phrase infinite diversity in infinite creations. This intrinsic love for others led her along the path to become a doctor.

Dillaa tries not to make waves, though will stick to her guns if she feels that it is the right decision. She can usually be found smiling and tries to bring a little bit of happiness to all who enter into Sickbay. Being at the Academy left her with a love of Parisses Squares that she still keeps to this day. The sport allows her an outlet for the more negative emotions in her life by giving her a chance to be something that real life does not allow her to be, unrestrained. Due to her upbringing, she can have difficulty striking the delicate balance between professional distance and workplace friendships
Strengths & Weaknesses + Talented Doctor
+ Seeker of the truth
+ Dedicated
+- Curious
- Headstrong
- Puts too much Pressure on Herself
- Requires regular treatments for hormone suppression
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Dillaa would like to finish her career with some accolades, to see her name published along with a major medical breakthrough or to have her own procedure named for her. However, the real reason she gets out of bed in the morning is because she knows that she makes a real difference in the lives of everyone she sees.

Family Record

Spouse Lt. Saza Zaila (KIA in Android attack on Mars)
Father Unknown
Mother Hinnaa Gerro (Previous Name Redacted)
Other Family Dr. Sular - Mentor

Historical Profile

Personal History Dillaa’s mother, Hinnaa, worked for the Orion Syndicate since she was a young adult. However, the mixture of falling pregnant and seeing one too many atrocities, Hinnaa made the choice to leave it all behind. She decided for herself and the unborn child to become a witness for the Federation investigators in exchange for immunity and a chance at a new life. The Federation agreed and her information was used to take down a Syndicate cell that was known to help the Cardassians in their border wars with the Federation.

The Federation authorities gave Hinnaa a new identity and set her up with a job at the Alpha Centauri University as an admissions clerk for the College of Medicine. Shortly after, Dillaa was born. As a child, Dillaa would visit her mother at work frequently and could be found sneaking around the campus. Most of the professors accepted the little one and even allowed her to assist them in teaching their classes, which meant that she could hand out PADDs or push the console command to start the holographic projectors.

One professor, a Vulcan doctor named Sular, even acted as a mentor to the child. As she grew up, Sular taught her how to keep emotions in check, even if she could not master her control like a Vulcan. He also introduced the young Orion to medicine, which lit a fire in her natural curiosity.

Growing up surrounded by professors and students led to Dillaa obtaining a first rate education as well as knowledge gained by gleaning information from her hobby of sitting in university classes. As soon as she turned 18, Dillaa was admitted into Starfleet Academy. She was admitted in a time that should have been the beginning of a new Golden Age for the Federation, but became anything but that.

Her first year at the Academy was one of self-exploration and allowed the young Orion to flourish. She fell in love with Academy life. She was finally on her own and in a place that really supported personal growth. Always one to enjoy a game a Parrisses Squares, Dillaa walked-on to the Academy’s team. Over her time at the Academy, she made friends, learned many lessons, and even won a Parrisses Squares championship.

Upon graduation, Dillaa moved across the Academy grounds to the Medical Academy. She participated in a few clinical trials and wrote a thesis paper on the regeneration of cells in patients with neurological diseases like Irumodic Syndrome. However, before the research could really get started, the Dominion War broke out in the quadrant. Like many of her fellow students, she was drafted for shifts on Starbase 375 to make up for the shortage of medical staff during the war. She witnessed many of the horrors of war as patients who were in need of the most urgent care made their way to the Starbase’s medical facilities rather than their own sickbays.

Fortunately, the war ended. Dillaa was placed aboard the Olympic-class, USS Blackwell. It was one of the few starships dedicated to medicine and acted as a mobile hospital and research facility. As a resident, she played two roles aboard the ship. The first was research. Given her history of researching cellular regeneration, she was tasked with helping to unlock the secrets of the Ba’ku world to advance medicine. Her other task was to be a rotating physician in the extensive medical facilities during the ship’s tour of the colony worlds.

As her residency ended, Dillaa was presented with the chance to work under Dr. Kethir Th'irharror. He was an Andorian who accepted doctors on a fellowship program geared towards preparing them for life aboard a starship with your own clinic. While part of the program, the Yorktown was called to many far-flung regions of the quadrant and even a trip to Cardassia Prime. For her own personal life, it was aboard the Yorktown that Dillaa met the woman who would become her wife, an engineer by the name of Saza Zaila. Over the two year mission of the Yorktown, the two eventually got married.

The first test of their young marriage came when the two officers received different postings for their next assignment. In Early 2385, Zaila was posted as an R&D Specialist at Utopia Planetia on Mars. Dillaa left the Martian facilities on April Fool’s Day to join the crew of the USS Venture to become the ship’s Chief Medical Officer.
Service Record USS Venture, Galaxy-class, 2385 - Present
- Chief Medical Officer

USS Yorktown, Excelsior-class, 2383 - 2385
- Asst. Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 52, 2380 - 2382
- Physician Fellowship

USS Blackwell, Olympic-class, 2377 - 2380
- Medical Residency
- Participated in Cellular Regeneration research to mimic effects of the Ba’ku world

Starfleet Medical Academy, 2373 - 2377
- Graduate with Honors
- Drafted into service on Starbase 375 to make up for shortages during the Dominion War

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, 2369 - 2373
- Pre-Medical
- Xeno-Biology and Chemistry, Major
- Parisses Squares, 2371 Championship Team