Welcome to the USS Venture!

These are dark times, friend; there is no denying it. Our civilizations have faced no greater threat than that of the Klingon Empire. But after nearly a year of brutal conflict, with over a third of the Starfleet lost and almost one hundred thousand souls known to have perished, a tenuous ceasefire is in place.

As we ramp up our production lines, rush cadets through the Academy and refit those existing ships, we can but hope that the peace will last long enough for us to carry out our mission. Together we embark on a mission of re-exploration. Our orders are to re-establish contact with our friends, locate survivors of the war and to make new allies with those far beyond our borders. It is a mission of great importance, and one that we gladly accept.

Our vessel may not be new, and she may not benefit from the latest in technological advancements, but she is faithful and has never let down our family. I am confident that we will find our place among the chaos and discord, among the pain and suffering, and together we will do our part to restore Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets to their former glories. Until then, we must rely on one another to get through these trying times.


Captain Jennifer Jurot,
Officer Commanding, USS Venture

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Mission: Requisitioned
Posted on Sat Sep 4th, 2021 @ 8:17pm by Captain Jennifer Jurot

Captain’s Log, supplemental.

In the grand scheme of things, the passing of a single week wouldn’t be of much significance to anyone, however in the current climate, a week is something worth celebrating. A week without any raised alarms, a week without any Klingon sightings, another week of life well…