April 5th, 2385. First Contact Day.

A day of celebration to honor the first warp flight of humanity, and the subsequent first contact between Humans and Vulcans on April 5th, 2063. A celebration short lived this time around.

On the eve of the celebrations, the executive officer of the USS Venture, Commander Keziah Nazir, is overseeing the final stages of the ships refit in orbit of Bolarus whilst her commanding officer travels to Utopia Planitia for meetings and celebrations. Their fate changes the following morning when all hell breaks loose.

Alarms sound across the Federation as countless transwarp apertures are detected, foreshadowing a fate that many had long since feared; an invasion by the Borg Collective. Hundreds of Borg vessels streamed into the home quadrants, battling their way to dozens of targets. Within a matter of hours, contact was lost with dozens of key worlds. Vulcan, Trill, Bajor... Earth. All gone. Entire fleets of starships wiped out, starbases reduced to floating debris, billions dead, or assimilated. Starfleet, and the mighty United Federation of Planets, was on its knees.

With their Captain and the Venture presumed lost, Bolarus under attack and assets across the Federation targeted by the collective, Nazir reluctantly orders an evacuation. Directing her crew to survive, by any means, she gathers what personnel she can and flees for an area of Federation space seemingly untouched by the Borg. There, they are surprised by what they find - an Excalibur-class starship sitting at the heart of an asteroid field, offline and damaged. Can they get back into the fight, and ascertain what future is left for Starfleet and the people of the Federation?

Latest Mission Posts

» She's Coming For Us

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Posted on Fri Aug 12th, 2022 @ 11:52pm by Captain Keziah Nazir

Kirran sat on the sofa in her quarters, or what was left of it, her finger dancing artfully over the data PADD in front of her. With the ship’s main computer largely offline, she had to keep a log of things somehow, so doing so locally on a data PADD…

» The Day of Hell

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2022 @ 5:25pm by Crewman Joanna Colburn


Joanna was thrown out of her bunk and onto the floor with a hard bang. She was groggy after being woken up from a deep sleep.

The 4th Year Cadet was still trying to come to her senses when the ship rocked violently again, throwing her…

» Won't Know till We Get There

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Posted on Tue Aug 2nd, 2022 @ 2:42am by Lieutenant Commander Jamison Adams Ph.D.

He drifted off; he must have drifted off because he was back in the lab and Endri was interested in seeing the work he'd done. The excitement level across the team was running high but then reaching a milestone, having the math support their findings and being ready to publish…

» Armageddon: Part Three

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2022 @ 9:26pm by Captain Keziah Nazir

Her lungs. The air was thick and the sounds of groaning and weeping could be heard above an eerie silence. Kirran Ris put her face in her left hand, and when she pulled it back, she saw a trail of blood on it. She was injured, but that didn’t matter…

» Armageddon: Part Two

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2022 @ 9:12pm by Captain Keziah Nazir

Photons. Quantums. Lances of phased energy. Starfleet forces exchanged fire with their cybernetic enemies, explosions all around the hot zone of activity. Four Borg vessels of varying shape and size surrounding the assembled fleet of Admiral Thalek th’Zorati. A brilliant flash of white signalled the arrival of a new ship…